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There are 2 packages to choose. Please vote ASAP so that Alan can help us to book. Write down your names as comment of the poll after you vote. I assume engineering students will read and follow the instructions wisely.:)

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Redang Bay official website: (center of the beach)

Redang Holiday official website: (end of the beach)

Someone requests for scale~so here it is.

And this is the map, feel free to explore the island!

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*Person in charge said can give us extra RM20 discount per pax.

2 ways boat transfer
8 meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 buffet dinner 1 bbq dinner)
3 snorkeling trips ( 2 Deep sea, 1 marine park)
2 Night Accommodation

Land Transfer from Airport to Jetty and Back (30 Ringgit per pax).
Snorkeling equipments.

There are some changes on this previous result was:
Redang Bay : 4 VOTES
Redang Holiday: 4 VOTES
Those who not yet vote, pls cast your vote ASAP! :)

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Monday, April 6, 2009

TWO-TWO, cuz ONE NOTenough...!

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TWO is very special! You know why?

1) I am 22-year-old now!


2) When everyone poses for photo shooting, they show Double 2!


3) Najib swore in as PM of Malaysia after 2 days of my bday, which is 3rd of April!

Back to serious mode...=.=

It was the night of 31st March 2009, night before my bday!

Since the next day I had midterm test, Miss Sherlyn said nobody will help me to celebrate.

But before that I saw the cake she kept in the fridge of our house, (want give me surprise but cake in my fridge?!)

so I was just anticipating the sudden attack!

The clock struck at 1230pm, I received a msg calling me to go down to the swimming pool,

I just though of "Har, want pushed into pool a?"

So, i changed my attire to water-resistant materials...=.=

And then they appeared outside the lift and sang Happy Bday~~~

Whole block sang together....(bluff you de lar)

Back to my house~!


The devils were waiting to push my head, but I insisted to pop...there goes PUSH POP stack....=.=

8th and 9th CLSC President also appeared and greeted me....wai shui le~


We had the group photo session before anyone left, and these ppl are my CLS teammates!!!

(Juchin non-stop eating!)


I have been looking forward to witness the beautiful night scene of KL....

Look Out Point would be the best place.....

Few days after the midterms.....

It's Friday and Miss Sherlyn booked me to this place to celebrate my bday!

She said, "just 2 of us ok, go and have 2 ppl world (er ren shi jie)!"

Here's the map....didn't help much!!=.=


Before i started my journey, I asked this guy, Mr. Ethan about the direction to there....


Then he continued to say, "Later I also will take Jln Ampang..."

I was thinking "Later...??!! You going also meh???!!@!"

Then with quick wits, he said, "Errr....I am going to KLCC there lar...."

Usually, I will ask him "Go there for wat?" but hor dont want make him hard-to-do (kang kor zho),

So i just said pretend a nerd knowing nothing~~

We reached there! There are many restaurants avaiable but we picked this one~!


Cause this is Restaurant Look Out Point....use back the same name as the area....:)

According to the pic below, this was my table number.


I asked the waiter, "can give 22 a? cuz I wanna celebrate 22's bday!"

Then he replied, "No need lar....1+1 also 2 mar~~got 2 enough lar..."

(now u know why 2 is special?)

I flipped the menu, finally I ordered Special Steak (Cheese with Ham)!


DING! Here comes Special Steak!

You knw y it is special? Because hor, by looking at it, you don't know it's BEEF....


This is Special Chicken Chop....ordered by Miss Sherlyn!


Romantic ler~~~ Candle Light Dinner...though not long and tall candles lar....


I wondered, why so many seats were being reserved besides our table.....


Then Miss Sherlyn said, "should be allocated by row de..."

She continued, "They filled up 1st and 3rd row first, then we are 2nd row, so later only fill up lor~"

I just...........speechless.

I knew something gonna I kept on looking at entrance....

Miss Sherlyn tried to distract me, so she just kept taking my pic, called me to pose.....


Half of the way, I went to toilet. When I came out fromt the washroom, she was there with me!

I asked, "then our food how ar?? not yet finish eating ler~"

She said, "Nvm, I called waiter helped us to take care d." (speechless again!)

So she used back the old trick, called me to pose for pictures again....


Then after few minutes, she took me back to our table and the crowd was there already.




And of cuz, my face kena again! aiks~~ (no pic tempo, other ppl took)

It's a merry night! Really lotz of ppl.....:)

Most of them purposely wore red element outfit to support my sur-name...ANG~!


(Alan: Power of 2)








Both of the treasurers were busy with money..... (MEX highway and Ballon Chong)

The gals....


The buddies....


After the meal, we went up to the tinjau-meninjau......


Gals wearing skirts can easily walk-light (don't know the meaning? Check dictionary....)

Actually, the place is not LOOK OUT POINT, it's LOOK "UP" POINT.....


At the peak of tower, we had a discussion about forming a group.....for the gang~~




Our very 1st discussion accompanied by BEAUTIFUL VIEW of NIGHT SCENE of KL!!!


Of course, all these plannings must thanks to Miss Piggy Sherlyn lar~~


After LOOK "UP", we found nothing. So, we JOM to Steven's Corner.

At there, I picked a corner seat...cuz I was in Steven's Corner.......


That place is basically a MAMAK, selling variety of food....not bad lar....!

My Telur Mata, pecah-ing, with yolk flowing out in a tempting way....


The 3 sisters.....


Some dudes shared to have this so called shisha~~


I support Life Long Learning, so i did a research on Shisha, it's actually referred to HOOKAH too....

A hookah (Hindi: हुक़्क़ा, Urdu: حقّہ huqqah) is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-bottomed) water pipe for smoking. Originally from India,[1][2][3][4][5] the hookah has gained immense popularity, especially in the Middle East.[6] A hookah operates by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking herbal fruits, tobacco, or cannabis.

Shisha (Arabic: شيشة‎), from the Persian word shīshe (شیشه), meaning glass, is the common term for the hookah in Egypt and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf (including Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia), and in Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, SomaliaYemen.

I ended up posing a pic with it! (P/S: I really din smoke de lor...:))


This post will end up with the self-made bday card by Miss Piggy Sherlyn..





Not bad mah hor...full effort....contents can't let ya see lar~Mysterious abit.... :)

After the first discussion of the gang, the group formed with the name.....


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